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Introducing GearGrid’s New Product: The Shoulder Pad Cart

Introducing GearGrid’s New Product: The Shoulder Pad Cart

GearGrid is excited to announce its newest product in the Athletic & Education Market! For football teams, properly storing and preserving shoulder pads is crucial to ensure their longevity and performance. Fortunately, GearGrid has created their innovative Shoulder Pad Cart that prevents damage and extends your football team’s shoulder pads lifespan.

GearGrid’s Shoulder Pad Cart offers an impressive storage capacity, allowing for the proper storage of 25 shoulder pads per post. With two posts per unit, the cart can accommodate the storage of a total of 50 shoulder pads. This ample capacity ensures that football teams have sufficient space to organize and store their shoulder pads effectively.

One of the additional features of GearGrid’s Shoulder Pad Cart are the durable casters. Equipped with four heavy-duty, swivel casters, the cart allows for easy maneuverability, even when fully loaded. The casters are meant to withstand the weight and movement associated with transporting shoulder pads, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience when moving the cart around the locker room or equipment storage area.

To withstand the demands of football environments, the Shoulder Pad Cart is finished with a super-durable powder coat finish. This finish enhances the cart’s resistance to scratches and abrasions, ensuring it maintains its appearance even after prolonged use. Additionally, the cart is available in 15 standard colors, allowing teams to choose a color that matches their school colors.

GearGrid’s Shoulder Pad Cart is specially designed to withstand the demands of football teams’ rigorous environments. This newest storage solution is a game-changer for football teams seeking a reliable and efficient solution for storing and preserving their shoulder pads. For more information, and to request your free quote, please visit: https://www.geargrid.com/product/shoulder-pad-cart/.

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