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Project Spotlight: Airport High School in Columbia, SC

Project Spotlight: Airport High School in Columbia, SC

On a recent visit to Charlotte, North Carolina members of the GearGrid team took the opportunity to visit an athletic locker and equipment storage room project at Airport High School in Columbia, South Carolina. The project was focused on providing bulk equipment storage solutions for two rooms in their new athletic facility. The school decided on a two-tone powder coat finish to match their school colors and is a great way to represent school pride!

One of the rooms was outfitted with GearGrid’s Athletic Team Storage Wall Mount Equipment Panels and Shelves, ideal for storing and hanging gear. The panels and shelves provide a great solution for rooms with open wall space and high ceilings to maximize storage space.

In addition, Suffolk Systems within the room can store gear and equipment for a variety of sports. GearGrid’s multi-functional Suffolk System is designed for safe equipment storage and transport. The coaches and staff at Airport High School greatly appreciate that the Suffolk System’s mobility allows the units to be rolled out onto the field for convenient and easy access.

Each unit is completely customizable and can be outfitted with a stainless steel hanging rod, flat shelves or a combination of the two. Secure doors with a four-point locking system can also be added for complete locking capabilities so equipment is protected and safe. The Suffolk System is the perfect addition to any athletic facility that is looking to securely store and transport gear and equipment.

A second room is outfitted with storage solutions for washing and drying uniforms and gear. Two of GearGrid’s Slinger Workstations provide a solution for storing laundry supplies and a space for folding uniforms. The unit features a heavy-duty work surface and flat storage shelves, with optional secure doors. Airport High School chose GearGrid’s stainless steel top, flat shelves, and doors to complete their personalized units. The Slinger Workstation allows for storage and convenient, easy access to supplies for washing and cleaning. The mobile systems can also be transported throughout the facility and make cleaning easier than ever.

In addition to the Slinger Workstation, GearGrid’s LA Drying System provides a unit for uniforms and gear to be hung up and properly dried with maximum airflow. It is extremely important that gear effectively dries in order to reduce odor build-up so gear is ready for the next practice or game. To maximize space in the room, additional storage shelves outline its perimeter with attached stainless steel hanging rods.

Airport High School’s Athletic Department is extremely pleased with the results of the new facility and looks forward to storing and organizing their equipment with GearGrid’s Athletic storage solutions.

For your own custom storage solution, visit www.geargrid.com or call 1-888-634-6694 to for more information. GearGrid looks forward to working with you.