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Custom Fire Station Table

Custom Fire Station Table

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Built with the ultimate GearGrid durability, the Custom Fire Station Table is sure to be a statement centerpiece in any room at your station, including kitchen, conference room, day room or office. Completely customizable, each table is uniquely personalized for your department.

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Available in 4’ x 3′, 6’ x 3′, 8’ x 4′, 10′ x 4′, 12′ x 4′ and 16′ x 4′

Each table will be available in solid or wood grain laminate colors. A logo can be imprinted directly into the laminate for maximum durability. Note: Tables over 8′ will have two logos

The table tops will be 1-1/8” thick and the edge material will be a very durable T-Mold edging. Tables 10′ and larger will have 2 piece tops that are mechanically joined in the middle. 

Bases can be painted in any one of our standard 7 colors.

The bases are made with 3/8″ plate steel with the opportunity to have the fire department name laser cut in the steel base. 

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