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GearGrid’s Innovative Shoulder Pad Cart is a Major Win for North Hall Middle School

GearGrid’s Innovative Shoulder Pad Cart is a Major Win for North Hall Middle School

Brett Hall, the Athletic Director at North Hall Middle School in Georgia, was on the quest to find the perfect storage solution to store their football team’s shoulder pads. Once Hall discovered GearGrid’s innovative Shoulder Pad Cart, he knew that he found the perfect fit for his school’s football team.

GearGrid’s Shoulder Pad Cart is specially designed to withstand the demands of football teams’ rigorous environments. This newest storage solution is a game-changer for football teams seeking a reliable and efficient solution for storing and preserving their shoulder pads.

Equipped with four heavy-duty, swivel casters and a super-durable powder coat finish, the Shoulder Pad Cart is built with only the most durable materials. When asked about Hall’s thoughts on the Shoulder Pad Cart product, he responded by saying “These racks are well built, sturdy and very simple to assemble.”

Hall admires the durability of GearGrid products and said that the Shoulder Pad Cart’s quality is unmatched. “The quality of the Shoulder Pad Cart is great, extremely heavy-duty,” Hall said.

GearGrid’s Shoulder Pad Cart provides the ideal solution for preventing damage to football teams’ shoulder pads. By properly storing the shoulder pads invertedly, it helps preserve the shoulder pads’ life and structure. “I like how the cart keeps the integrity of the pads,” Hall said.

In addition, the height of the Shoulder Pad Cart allows for the storage of 25 shoulder pads per post. With two posts per unit, the cart can accommodate the storage of a total of 50 shoulder pads. The ample storge capacity ensures that your team’s shoulder pads will be protected and maintained for years to come.

GearGrid values its loyal customers and provides the upmost customer service. When asked about Hall’s experience with the GearGrid team, Hall praised GearGrid’s responsiveness. “Products, quotes, and updates were quick,” Hall said.

The positive feedback from North Hall Middle School and their positive recommendation highlights the Shoulder Pad Cart’s effectiveness in addressing the specific requirements of shoulder pad storage in athletic facilities across the country.