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What Makes GearGrid’s Lockers Different?

What Makes GearGrid’s Lockers Different?

Standard Mobile LockersTaking the time to investigate and evaluate the options for turnout gear lockers is an important step in the purchasing process. Not all locker systems are created equal, nor with the same attention to detail. The Industry Standard for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) storage was created in 1998 with the introduction of the GearGrid Turnout Gear Locker. Since then, other look-a-like products have come and gone. When the facts, features and benefits are reviewed, it becomes clear there is much more to determine best value than meets the eye.

The most compelling difference between GearGrid and other PPE producers is that only GearGrid manufactures all of their products in the USA with ASTM spec materials at its production facility and headquarters in Forest Lake, MN.

GearGrid prides themselves on using Factory Direct Distribution, which ensures no reseller network, consistent service, and pricing across the USA regardless of facility location.

From a distance, GearGrid lockers and the look-a-like lockers do look quite similar. However, significant differences can be seen in the craftsmanship of the products. GearGrid lockers are known for their 3” x 3” square grid pattern, making it easy to adjust shelves in 3” increments compared to the diagonal grid pattern used by others, making adjusting shelves and accessories difficult due to grid intersection placement.

Other Differences:


GearGrid: Other:
·        For additional storage and accessory mounting space, wall protection and security, our Back Wall Panel comes standard with all locker systems. ·        Back Wall Panel does not come standard with locker systems, and is an additional cost option.
·        Durable TGIC Powder Coat Finish for UV stability. ·        Epoxy Finish, not UV stable, and finish can “chalk” over time.
·        Seven color options: Red, White, Blue, Green, Burgundy, Grey or Black. ·        Red is the only color option due to importation lead time.
·        Rugged .192” Wire Apparel Hooks that securely snap into place on wire grid. ·        Slim hooks that slip over the grid, easy accidental detachment from locker.
·       Mobile Lockers: All casters swivel and have locking capabilities. ·        Mobile Lockers: Only two casters have locking capabilities.


GearGrid's Fire Standard Mobile LockersGearGrid offers a full line of Equipment Handling and Storage Solutions to create a unified look, function and quality standard throughout your facility. Custom applications are also available, with the opportunity to work directly with GearGrid’s design, engineering and production team members. GearGrid believes you and your gear deserve to be protected and safe. As a proud American manufacturer, GearGrid ensures their storage solutions do just that.

GearGrid appreciates the time it takes to research and evaluate the PPE storage options to best serve your needs. If you have any questions you can reach us at 888-643-6694 or by emailing sales@geargrid.com.

*Please note: All comparative information is based on material currently publicly available as of 1/1/14. If any errors are found, they are unintentional and GearGrid will correct the information as soon as it is reported to us and confirmed. Please send any comments or concerns to sales@geargrid.com.