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Hutchinson High School Finds “Exactly What They Were Looking for” with GearGrid Athletic Storage Solutions

Hutchinson High School Finds “Exactly What They Were Looking for” with GearGrid Athletic Storage Solutions

GearGrid’s products are being used by all of the student-athletes at Hutchinson High School in Minnesota every day in practice.

“Each sport has its own storage cage. They have padlocks that only the coaches can access.” Thayne Johnson, Hutchinson’s Activities Director, said. These storage cages replaced their old flimsy cabinets that weren’t holding up to the various needs of the sports teams.

“When we [first] saw the GearGrid products we knew they were right for us. They met all of our needs and were exactly what we are looking for.”

The products were fully installed by the end of 2018. Each sports team received the same type of storage cage. Helmet wall racks were ordered for the football team, the school’s largest sport. These helmets were previously stored on metal shelves, which was ineffective for access by the players.

Some of the cages came with hanging bars or shelves while others were just completely open. These changes were made to fit each specific sport.

“It was a really easy purchasing process,” Johnson said. “The GearGrid representatives were very easy to work with.”

It was at a Minnesota athletic director convention in 2017 where Johnson found out about the products that GearGrid had to offer. Since that convention, Johnson started to work on getting the storage cages implemented into Hutchinson.

“We had looked at a couple of different [companies] but in terms of quality and price point, GearGrid was head and shoulders above everything else we had been looking at.”

Once the storage cages were put in, “The coaches loved them right away,” Johnson said.

The spring sports at Hutchinson are in full swing and all teams are greatly enjoying their new storage option. The efficient organization of their equipment has made it easier for the players to get what they need and get out on the field.

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