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GearGrid’s Wall Mount GridIron Lockers Offers an Ideal Solution

GearGrid’s Wall Mount GridIron Lockers Offers an Ideal Solution

GearGrid is about being able to store your athletic gear safely, which is why these lockers can be secured with locks. In addition to keeping your gear safe, these lockers are designed to make your gear long lasting. The open grid pattern allows for proper airflow, allowing damp athletic gear to dry faster and ultimately reducing odor build-up. The Wall Mount GridIron Locker has the solution.

These lockers offer an abundance of customization. There are many areas of customization that include a nameplate on top of the lockers, area for your school’s logo on the front and one below the bench where you can place your school’s name or mascot. The GridIron lockers also come in GearGrid’s 15 standard colors.

GEARGRID always looking for ways to bring customized, personalized products into your school’s athletic facilities. Each product is made with care and is all made in the United States. Whatever your need may be, GEARGRID offers the smarter, stronger storage solution.


GEARGRID is the strongest and most versatile line of storage equipment on the market.

All GEARGRID products are manufactured in Forest Lake, Minnesota at its headquarters and production facility. Today you will find GEARGRID’s full line of equipment storage and transport solutions used in stations nationwide and beyond. For more information visit www.geargrid.com or call 1-888-634-6694.