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GearGrid’s new Custom Conference Table is the Perfect Addition to your Sports Facility

GearGrid’s new Custom Conference Table is the Perfect Addition to your Sports Facility

GEARGRID’s new Custom Conference Table is the perfect addition for your sports team’s facility. Having two areas of customization, this table will be unique and personal to your school and team. In the center of the table, you can have your logo imprinted. Another opportunity for personalization is on the heavy-duty base with the option to get your schools name laser cut in the steel base. There is also the option to choose from GEARGRID’s 15 different colors for the base whereas each table can be chosen from solid or wood grain laminate colors.

The Custom Conference Table is made using GEARGRD’s exceptional materials that are handled and made with care. For the tabletop, the material is made of T-Mold Edging which is very durable and long lasting. The bases are made with the steel that is used in all GEARGRID’s products. This steel is significantly durable and sturdy which makes all of our products reliable.

GEARGRID offers this table in a considerable number of sizes that will best for your athletic rooms need. The availability includes 4’, 6’, 8’ 10’ tables. In addition, there is an option for 12’ table which combined two 6’ tables and a 16’ table which will combine two 8’ tables. The 12’ and 16’ tables will also have two bases included, whereas tables up to 10’ will only include one base.

GEARGRID is always looking for ways to bring customized, personalized products into your school’s athletic facilities. Whatever your need may be, GEARGRID offers the smarter, stronger storage solution.


GEARGRID is the strongest and most versatile line of storage equipment on the market.

All GEARGRID products are manufactured in Forest Lake, Minnesota at its headquarters and production facility. Today you will find GEARGRID’s full line of equipment storage and transport solutions used in stations nationwide and beyond. For more information visit www.geargrid.com or call 1-888-634-6694.