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GearGrid: More than Just Turnout Gear Lockers

GearGrid: More than Just Turnout Gear Lockers

GearGrid’s turnout gear locker started it all. Today, GearGrid has defined innovation by expanding their product offerings based on feedback and insights from fire departments and rescue personnel nationwide and abroad.

In early 1997, GearGrid co-owner and volunteer firefighter, Mike Boyer, designed a durable and well-ventilated storage system for the proper storage of his fire department’s personal protective equipment (PPE). After conducting a market analysis for firefighting storage, it was determined that there were good market opportunities for firefighting storage. Based on that, the product was launched in 1998.

In the coming years, GearGrid would expand its products and quickly became a market leader in the U.S. Fire Service for the storage of firefighting equipment, including turnout gear, hose, cylinder and miscellaneous gear and equipment. 

Since the beginning, GearGrid has offered the strongest and most versatile line of storage equipment available for the fire industry. GearGrid continues to set the standard for craftsmanship, quality and service with the creation of new and innovative products.

Additional GearGrid Products:  

Hose Storage

  • Heavy-Duty Mobile Hose and Cylinder System
  • Mini Mobile Hose and Cylinder System
  • Five-Shelf Mini Mobile System with Winder

Cylinder Storage

  • Heavy-Duty Mobile Hose and Cylinder System
  • Mini Mobile Hose and Cylinder System
  • Mini Mobile O2 Cylinder System

Dive Storage

  • Dive Locker Deluxe Storage System
  • SCUBA Dive Locker Storage System

Bag Storage

  • Seattle Equipment Storage System
  • Suffolk/Miami Storage Systems


  • Slinger Workstation

Hose Drying/Winding

  • Mobile Hose Dryer
  • Wall-Mount Hose Dryer
  • Windsor Outdoor Hose Drying Rack
  • Mobile Hose Winder

Hose/Cylinder Transportation

  • Station Wagon
  • Hose Carriers
  • SCBA/O2 Cylinder Carriers

Apparatus Tool Grids

  • SwingOut Tool Grid
  • PullOut Tool Grid

GearGrid listens to your needs and will continue to satisfy your toughest storage challenges.

GearGrid believes you and your gear deserve to be protected and safe. As a proud American manufacturer, GearGrid ensures their storage solutions do just that. For more information on all of GearGrid’s innovative products, visit www.geargrid.com or call 1-888-634-6694.