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GearGrid is Here to Help Your Storage Needs

GearGrid is Here to Help Your Storage Needs

GearGrid is a company that is here to help properly and safely store your Athletic, Fire, Construction, Automotive, Public Works and Law Enforcement equipment and gear. Not only is GearGrid diverse in what we offer, we also have extremely durable and sturdy equipment that will effectively store your gear.

All GearGrid products are made with steel wire using the open grid method which allows for proper airflow, allowing damp gear to dry faster and ultimately reducing odor build-up. This method will allow the items you’re storing to be long lasting and to maximize the duration. The steel wire is extremely heavy-duty and resistant and will be enduring in your facility.

All GearGrid products have been made proudly in the USA for nearly 100 years. There are many benefits to our products being made in the USA such as giving Americans jobs, use of materials made to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, control the quality of their processes and production from input of raw materials to finished product and more!

GearGrid prides itself on helping and providing their customers with the upmost customer service and care. “GearGrid team was great to work with. They first listened to my needs and then provided me with options to review,” (GearGrid Customer). The GearGrid team likes to make personal connections with their customers and making sure the process of ordering and buying our equipment is swift and easy.

GEARGRID is excited to help assist departments/facilities across the globe with finding ways to bring personal, customized items into facilities/stations. Whatever your need may be, GEARGRID offers the smarter, stronger storage solution.


GEARGRID is the strongest and most versatile line of storage equipment on the market.

All GEARGRID products are manufactured in Forest Lake, Minnesota at its headquarters and production facility. Today you will find GEARGRID’s full line of equipment storage and transport solutions used in stations nationwide and beyond. For more information visit www.geargrid.com or call 1-888-634-6694.