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Metal Wire Grid Lockers

Metal Wire Grid Lockers

SECTION 10 51 43



A. Design, fabrication and installation of off-floor-mounted metal grid team athletic lockers as specified herein.


A. Section 10: Metal Lockers
B. Division 06 Section “Rough Carpentry” for blocking in frame walls required to anchor metal grid lockers.
C. Division 09 Section “Non-Structural Metal Framing” for reinforcements in metal-framed partitions required to anchor metal grid lockers


A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s product data and installation instructions.
B. Shop Drawings: Submit manufacturer’s shop drawings for metal wire grid team athletic lockers including floor plans, elevations, sections and details.
C. Samples: Submit manufacturer’s standard color samples.
D. Owner’s Manual: Provide maintenance manual at closeout.
E. Warranty: Submit manufacturer’s standard warranty.


A. Locker Warranty: Manufacturers written warranty stating that failures in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced within 10 years from product installation. Failures due to vandalism, improper care or misuse, including overloading will not be covered under this warranty.


A. Approved manufacturer shall have a minimum of five years experience in the direct manufacture of wire gird metal lockers.
B. Submit substitution request not less than 10 days prior to bid date. Substitutions following award of contract are not allowed. For approval consideration submit the following:
a. Product data indicating product meets or exceeds all design and construction elements of
specified product.
b. One complete locker sample of the same size and type shown on project drawings.
c. References, including contact information for owner, architect and general contractor,
for a minimum of 3 project installations which include lockers matching the
specifications herein.
C. Source Limitations: Obtain metal team athletic lockers and accessories from single manufacturer. All products and components contained within the team athletic lockers must be manufactured in the United States. Lockers with components or products not manufactured in the United States are not acceptable and will not be approved.


A. Delivery: Deliver materials to site in manufacturer’s original, unopened containers with labels identifying product and manufacturer’s name. Do not deliver lockers until spaces to receive them are clean, dry and ready for installation. Final wall and floor finishes must be complete prior to installation.
B. Storage: Store materials in a clean dry area.
C. Handling: Protect materials and finish during installation and handling to prevent damage.


A. Coordinate sizes and locations of framing, blocking, furring, reinforcements, and other related
units of work specified in other Sections.



A. Basis of Design: “GridIron” team locker as manufactured by GearGrid Corporation, 670 SW 15th Street, Forest Lake, MN 55025. Toll-free 888-643-6694. Phone 651-464-4468. Fax 651-464-4780. Web site www.geargrid.com. Email sales@geargrid.com.


A. Steel Tube: ASTM A 501 hot-formed steel tubing.
B. Steel Wire Grid: ASTM C 510 cold drawn steel wire welded grid\.
C. Particleboard: ANSI A208.1, minimum 43 lb/cu. Ft. (689 kg/cu. m) density, with no urea formaldehyde added.
D. PVC Edge Banding: LMA EDG-1, radiused PVC extrusions, 3 mm thick, heat-bonded.

E. Recycled HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)

F. Compact Laminate: Manufactured by pressing melamine resin impregnated decorative paper over
layers of phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper at pressures approximately 1200 lbs. per
square inch at temperatures in excess of 275°F (135°C).


A. Model: GEARGRID ATHLETIC – GridIron Metal Grid Team Athletic Lockers
B. Locker Sizes:
1. Widths available: 15”, 18”, 24” and 30”
2. Depth: 30.5” overall

3. Height: 72.5” (Locker Height) – add mounting height for height above finished floor
C. Construction: Units shall be welded at all applicable joints. Forming of metal shall be completed by standard cold-forming operations. Use of fasteners will only be required to allow for knock-down shipping, securing units to mounting surface and on applicable accessories.
D. Vertical Dividers:
1. Steel Tube Frames: 1.25” O.D. x 16 gauge wall thickness ASTM A513 steel tubing, with
fully welded joints.

3. Inner Grid: .25” diameter ASTM 510 cold drawn steel wire resistance welded to a 2”
square pattern.

E. Back Panel – (Optional at wall mount and Standard at island locations)
1. Available Options:
A. Grid: .25” diameter ASTM 510 cold drawn steel wire resistance welded to a 2” square pattern.
B. ½” thick, recycled plastic solid panel fastened to steel tube frames
C. ½” thick, laminate-clad wood panel with 3mm, PVC edging, fastened to steel tube frames
F. Integral Seat and Foot Locker: Seat and foot locker lid, 3/4 inch thick with lockable seat security compartment, replaceable split pin hinge, and locking hasp (minimum .1875 inches thick) for padlock by Owner.

1. Available Options:

A. Laminate-clad composite wood panel with 3mm, PVC edging

B. Black core solid phenolic (5/8”)– Compact laminate

C. Recycled plastic

G. Shelves: ¾” material fastened to apparel hook assembly which is bolted to locker side.
1. Available Options:
A. Laminate-clad composite wood panel with 3mm, PVC edging

B. Black core solid phenolic(5/8”) – Compact laminate

C. Recycled plastic

H. Apparel Hooks: (3) per opening. Minimum 11 ga. (.1046 in.)
I. Door (optional):
Door Ready Option available if doors may be added in the future. The door and latch attachment weldments will be included on frame components. This option must be specified to be included
1. Frame: 1.25” O.D. x 16 gauge wall thickness ASTM A513 steel tubing.
2. Hinge: Single pin welded style with brass pivot bushing.
3. Latch/Hasp: Stainless steel, self-latching with padlock hasp, (.1875 in. thick).
4. Available Infill Options:
A. Grid: 8 Ga. ASTM 510 cold drawn steel wire resistance welded to a 1” square pattern.
B. Grid: .25” diameter ASTM 510 cold drawn steel wire resistance welded to a 1-1/2” square pattern.
C. Laminate-clad composite wood panel with 3mm PVC edging, fastened to welded steel tube frame.
D. Recycled plastic panel fastened to welded steel tube frame.
E. Black core solid phenolic(1/2”) – Compact laminate

J. Locker Accessories:
1. Placard (Name) Channel: 20 gauge steel to accept a 2” x 12” name placard.
2. Shoulder Pad and Helmet “GearTopper”: 1” round steel tube formed to secure helmet and shoulder pads. Tube is welded to 3/16” steel base plate with 4 mounting holes. Topper can be mounted and secured in multiple orientations on the locker top grid.
3. Secure Box: 18 Ga. cold rolled steel box mounted and secured to locker bottom grid via 3/16” mounting plate.
4. Horizontal Hang Bar – Tube: 1.25”O.D. x 16 gauge 304 stainless steel tubing.
5. Glove Drying Hanger – 25” diameter 304 stainless steel wire cold formed and resistance
welded, with black vinyl coating on hook end.

6. Gear Box – 1. 6” x 6” x 12” long 6061 Aluminum with door one end.
7. Padlocks from Zephyr Lock


Fabricate metal grid lockers square, and rigid. Make exposed metal safe to touch and free of sharp ends or burrs. Form panels, doors, and accessories from one-piece steel grid infill.
Factory weld frame members of each metal grid locker together to form a rigid, one-piece assembly.
All-Welded Construction: Factory preassemble steel grid lockers by welding all joints, and connections; with no bolts, nuts, screws, or rivets used in assembly, except as required for knock down shipping and attachment to mounting surfaces.


A. General: All system components excluding assembly and mounting hardware and stainless steel components are to receive the standard finish.
B. Standard Finish: Components to be cleaned using a phosphatized bath, clear water rinse and electro-statically coated with a durable TGIC, 3 to 4 mm, powder coating.
C. Color: Choose from manufacturer’s 15 standard color options. Two-tone option(Body one color and door another) available when metal grid infill is chosen for door panels.



A. Examine areas to receive lockers. Notify architect if areas are not acceptable. Do not begin
installation until unacceptable conditions have been corrected.


A. Install lockers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Install level, plumb, and true; shim as
required, using concealed shims. Install anchors into concrete, masonry, construction blocking or
metal stud construction.

B. Use manufacturer’s hardware for assembly.
C. Anchor to mounting surface with proper hardware.
D. Clean lockers and adjust moving components for proper operation.
E. Protect metal grid lockers from damage, abuse, dust, dirt, stain, or paint. Do not permit use during

F. Touch up marred finishes.